Thursday, March 06, 2008

Help Me!

My 2 year old, soon to be 3 on Monday is SEVERELY attached to her pacifier. She knows that we don't let her have it during the day so she makes us suffer and she will whine like there is no tomorrow until she gets it. She usually does get it because who the heck wants to hear a 2 year old screamed their lungs out like they are being tortured or something. When my 8 year old (will be 9 tomorrow) was her age, we just hid it and told her she left it at grandma's house and they couldn't find it. It wasn't that bad at all. She was a bit whiny but after the second day, she was fine. The one thing she did not let go was her "blankie", which is ok.
Now my 2 year old has a pacifier and a blankie also. The two go hand in hand. No matter what! If she has her pacifier, which we call it "bo-bo", she needs to have her blankie too. It isn't any ordinary blankie, it looks like silk on one side and fleece on the other. She will NOT take anything else but that one. Here's a picture of it:

You see how the blanket is? She prefers the silky side and she rubs it when she is napping or sleeping for the night. She drags that blanket everywhere. At home, she is all over the place with it.

So, my question is: how do I ween her off the pacifier? I need ALL the help I can get. We tried several months ago and told her we couldn't find it and she started shaking and crying non-stop. It was awful, so we caved in.

Help me!


Mami Dearest said...

Hey Lisa, I just read someone's blog who sent the paci to the Paci Fairy. They put the paci in a big envelope, you know, the ones you can fit paper into without folding and addressed it to the paci fairy, took her to the mailbox and let her mail if off. have her decorate the envelope, "write" a letter. Tell her the paci fairy needs a new paci. I will try and find the blog. Girl, I read so many, it may take a while to find it.

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