Monday, March 03, 2008

CVS, again :)

OK, I have to admit. I spent about 3 hours figuring out scenarios on how to use my coupons wisely and save the most money. To save and earn some money, I have to go to 4 different CVS stores. I know, it sounds crazy but as a SAHM, that seems logical to me. I'm all about saving money and using coupons. My family calls me the Coupon Queen. I almost always have a coupon for just about anything. I search blogs, the Internet and magazines for coupons. On Sunday, I buy at least 2 newspapers. Too bad I don't know anybody that buys the newspaper and never uses the coupons.. I wish I did. That's ok. I usually buy my newspapers at CVS and most of the time I use my trusty ECB's. I know I don't get any more ECB's back but that's fine with me.

So, after I was done with 4 different scenarios, I decided to hit one of the stores that is about 4 miles away from me. I was going for the Gillette razors (I have a $4.00 coupon and I get back $6 in ECB's) and a couple of tubes of Colgate Total but they didn't have the razors. I was like, Oh man!! I wasn't too upset because I know they get a delivery tonite so that means they will have many things stocked on the shelves, just for

Since I had a CVS coupon for their products; $2 off a $10 purchase off cvs brand, I went with scenario #4. They had their cookies on sale for $1.99 and their crackers on sale for $1.50 each so I went for that. I bought 2 boxes of Chocolate Chip Macadamia cookies, 1 box of Baked Cheese crackers and 1 box of Chocolate Chip cookies. I also bought a Tresemme Mousse for $4.69 because you get $5 in ECB's when you buy $10 worth of Tresemme products. I just needed to buy $4.79 worth to get my $5. I also bought CVS brand Vitamin C, which was $2.99 and you get $2.99 back in ECB's making it free. The total should've been $15.15 but since I had my 2 year old and I was making sure she didn't grab candy, I couldn't look at the screen, as usual. I thought it was a bit too much but I paid for it anyway after my coupons and ECB's. After I gave her the CVS coupon for $2, the $5 off $15 purchase (Click here to sign up and get your coupon) [ BIG Thanks to MoneySavingMom] and $5 ECB's, my real total was $9.14. I earned $7.99 in ECB's. So total oop (out of pocket) was $1.15.

FYI: ALWAYS check your receipt! I told the cashier, which was also the manager that I changed my mind about the Garnier Nutritioniste Gel cleanser because I left my coupon at home and that I'll buy it another day. Do you know when I got home I noticed the gel cleanser was in the bag.. At first; I said to myself, cool, I guess I got it for free but when I looked at my receipt, I noticed I was charged for it. I could not believe it! I specifically told her not to add it to my stuff. So now I have to go tomorrow to CVS and return it. I plan on purchasing it but I wanted to use my coupon.. It's worth $2 so after that, it would cost only $3.99... Much better..
Anyway, it was another great day and hopefully tomorrow will be even better!


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