Wednesday, August 01, 2007

11 Days later............

I haven't had the time to post anything in my blog but here I am. It's almost 9pm and I'm exhausted and sleepy. I just finished painting a closet that will have my washer and dryer. I can't wait!! But painting is really hard work, especially when you don't do that type of work everyday. I don't mind it but it's the setting up, cutting the edges and corners and painting the trim that gets me tired.

So, the next room for me to paint is the living room and my son's room, in that order. I can't wait until my son's room is finally done. Anyone wanna help? LOL

So over 10 days has past and no posts? Well, alot has happened to me since the last post. I will just list them instead of writing all the details.

  • I got pulled over by a NY State trooper on Saturday afternoon (7/21)
  • Because of a lapse on our car insurance (I forgot to send the check and geico cancelled the insurance)
  • I got pulled over again by a NY state trooper on Saturday night (7/21)
  • Because the radar picked up my cancelled insurance.. What luck do I have???
  • I do have some luck b/c both cops didn't give me a ticket, jut a warning.
  • They told me to take care of that lapse Monday morning at DMV.
  • Tuesday morning, I went to DMV and paid the lapse. $160.00 because I didn't have car insurance for 20 days. $8 a day... My gosh!!!!
  • I feel good now that I won't get pulled over by anyone :)
  • Thursday evening, hubby gets pulled over by a NY state trooper.... What luck!!!! Geez, leave us alone already!
  • Ok, he has luck b/c he also didn't get a ticket just a warning.
  • Why did he get pulled over when I paid DMV $160??? Well, apparently I have to pay $160 for EACH vehicle that is under hubby's name. WHAT????
  • Friday morning, I go to DMV and pay the $160 to get everything legal now.
  • Total penalty costs: $320.00! Ain't life a bitch sometimes!
  • Driving without worry from the NYS troopers: Priceless.....LOL Well, with the exception of speeding..hehehehehehehehehehe
  • 7/28- I drove home with a flat tire without even knowing it until I got home 35 minutes later.... OMG!!! I'm in need of a new car; Definitely! Anyone want to donate? =)

So, you see. I've been quite busy with life and its tribulations.... What can I say; Shit happens!

Hope August brings us great luck. Wish us luck :)


mami dearest said...

Oh my gosh Lisa! Did you guys have a sign on your bumper saying, No Insurance, pull me over!" That sucked! Like you didn't have anything better to do with your $320.

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