Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Friday and we have beautiful weather

This was yesterday afternoon. It was pouring and very humid. The air felt so sticky.

The pictures above were from today. What a difference. It was a beautiful 78 degrees. Cool, breezy and not humid at all. Here are my two daughters having so much fun.

The best invention they ever made for kids who loves bubbles. All you need is 6 AA batteries, this bubble machine and of course bubbles. All you have to do is step back and have fun with your kids.

It is now 70 degrees and breezy outside. That is my kind of weather.

On another note, today was my day. I made community leader where I post on Ivillage. It's totally volunteer but you get nice perks. The CL there (my friend) had to step down b/c she was just so busy with her job and family. She needed a break. So I was glad to fill the position for her. I hope I do well and have alot of fun with it. She held the board up so well. I would love to do the same.


mami dearest said...

How much fun!Nothing better than carefree summer days!

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