Thursday, July 19, 2007

Women go thru so much pain

Here I am, in pain because of Aunt Flo. I really hate her b/c ever since I got my tubes tied in 05', the pain is extremely bad. It is so unbearable. Not even motrin takes it away. My period is not like it used to be. Before kids, I had no pain whatsoever. Now my back hurts, I get bad cramps, I feel nauseous, I don't get hungry, I get lazy and feel exhausted. It's like I'm a good for nothing. It's almost 5:30pm and I have not cooked dinner yet. Hubby made dinner yesterday so I feel bad if I call him at work and ask him to bring something for dinner. I should at least be able to cook dinner for my family. I feel like laying in bed with my covers and watch tv until I fall asleep.. I would love that right now. But here I am blogging, again. I'm either reading blogs or writing in mine. Why can't I have a chef when Aunt Flo visits? You know, Aunt Flo should visit with a chef for at least two days. That would be so great. What do you think? Do you agree?

I know, I know, some wishful thinking. Hey, a girl can dream! OK, I did take out some frozen chicken and I bet they are thawed already. Let's see what I come up with. Later............
Edited to add: I decided to make chicken stew with potatoes & carrots and white rice.. YUM.. My kitchen smells so good....


mami dearest said...

Hey Lisa,
I know how you feel. Aunt Flo decided to drop by for her visit with me today and she is kickin my butt. Mine has been horrible since I got my tubes tied too. Hope you get to feelin' better!

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