Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back again from the real world

Here I am, drinking my cafe con leche and eating a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese. I also got my "friend" today. I feel so awful, moody, tired, bitchy, just-want-to-lay-down-and-flip-thru-channels & I feel like doing shit today. You know what? I can't do nothing. I have my daughter's speech therapist coming at 11:15am and I have to clean up the normal messes my 2 yr. old makes. I try to clean every morning and every night but last nite wasn't a good night. I felt to miserable and now I know why.

I've been away from blogging for a bit b/c I've been reading other blogs. There's alot of blogs that are so interesting. I can't keep away from them. Hubby gets upset b/c sometimes I would rather read blogs then spend time with him... It's not that I don't like spending quality time with my hubby, I love it. I love that alone time with him. We don't get much of that since we have 3 active kids.

Anyway, things have happened in the last two weeks. Hubby took our 8 & 10 yr. old camping with some cousins (it was just overnight), we started cleaning our basement and found mold down there (yukk) & my MIL is finally gone. Hubby admitted to me that he hates when people are over. I don't know why. I like having people over here most of the times. I get lonely being here with the kids ALL DAY LONG. But that is what happens when you're a SAHM :)

Here are some pics of them camping:

The orange tent is ours

Here they are roasting marshmallows(Hubby is not in the pic)


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