Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kids cleaning their own rooms

So, here I am again; two days in a row.. Now that's a record for me. It is 92 degrees (really hot & humid) and the weather people said there's an air quality advisory until 10 pm. When you go outside, you can hardly breathe.. It's bad out there.. That is why I declared today cleaning day. That also goes for my two of my three kids. They are 8 (DD) and 10 (DS). My 2 yr. old (DD) is taking her nap so that I could wash clothes.

So, is it bad that I'm having my kids clean their own rooms? I know plenty of mothers that clean their kids rooms and have their kids either watch them clean or have them play in another room while they are cleaning the rooms.. I was like that. I changed b/c since I don't make the mess, why should I clean it. Right? Well, that is my motto. When I was their age, I cleaned and kept my room cleaned so they can do the same. Kids nowadays are so damn spoiled, it's sickening. Another thing; you can't spank your child b/c if do, you can go to jail....yet, if the kids hit their parents, what is done to them???? NOT A DAMN THING!! I admit, I spank my kids or should I say smack them on the mouth when they get too smart-mouthed. Kids should respect their parents at all times, no matter what. If they get out of line, they need to be shown who's boss. When I was a kid, I always heard this saying, "Kids should be seen, not heard". I wonder who made that quote up. I like it.. It makes so much sense to me. My son can get a bit too mouthy. He's only 10 and he thinks b/c he's the oldest, he can set rules..

Yea right!!! I'm the boss in this house, don't forget it kiddies!!!


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