Saturday, June 30, 2007

Have you seen a floating pool?

Brooklyn, Your New Floating Swimming Pool Is Almost Ready Now. On Wednesday, Independence Day, if all goes well, a dream born over a quarter century ago, a floating pool built on a barge, will finally be ready for bathers and bobbing off the Brooklyn waterfront in Brooklyn Heights. Eventually, the site will be part of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The pool is 25 meters long, or just over 82 feet, is 4 feet deep and has 7 lanes. Admission will be limited to 175 and will be free.

The Floating Pool Lady, as it is called, has not been easy or cheap to put together.

So far, it has spent $4 million in donations and Ms. Buttenwieser has spent $1 million in borrowed money to pay for the pool. A shuttle will be available to take people to the pool, with stops at Cadman Plaza and Borough Hall and in Brooklyn Heights. And shiny gangways will reach from shore to barge. There are locker rooms. The pathways to the pool from the locker rooms pass large translucent seascape murals. Next comes a spray-pad, where children can get wet without swimming, and a sitting area for adults. Lifeguards will watch over the swimmers, and in the background is the Manhattan skyline, a view all can behold.

Wow, isn't that cool??? I wonder how long that will last. They once had a garbage barge and that sank. Hopefully this won't I know that sounds kinda evil... Really though, I hope it doesn't sink. I would like to visit that one day and take a look at the Manhattan Skyline, which is so beautiful. I love living in NY even though it's so damn expensive.


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