Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why can't we have SMELL-O-VISION?

What you see below is some arroz con gandules (rice and pigeon peas) y bistec con cebolla, pimientos y papas con ensalada. (and steak with onions, peppers and potatoes with salad). This is a typical Puerto Rican dish,
minus the paper plate. I was raised using "real" plates but I was always stuck washing dishes. Maybe that's why I usually use paper plates.. Hmmmmmm. So please, disregard the paper plate. Yes, we have REAL dishes; yes, I have a dishwasher; yes, I like eating in REAL plates and yes, I like eating in paper plates too. Hahahahahahahaha!

Any questions?? =)
(Thanks Sitel)


Mami Dearest said...

Hey Lisa, it looks great...and I'm the same with paper plates too. I always use paper plates, and I have a dishwasher and real plates too.

sweetpea said...

Food looks great. No recipes? :(

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