Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two birthdays, too exhausted!

I am officially exhausted. After celebrating two birthdays within 3 days for both of my daughters, I am pooped! I only had a party for one, the 9 year old. I thought the soon to be 3 year old would not notice so I decided to save some money and have my sis-in-law come over the actual day with her kids and we can have a small celebration. I was wrong! Yesterday morning was my 3 year old's birthday and she thought she was going to have her party at Chuck E Cheese's too. She started singing her own song about Chuck E Cheese. My heart sank. I couldn't believe it.. I called my husband and told him what she has said and his heart sanked too. We felt really bad. We really did think she wouldn't understand anything about parties and birthdays, but she sure did. That is what I get for ignoring the "baby".

So to make her feel better, I went out and bought some decorations and some balloons. My plans were for me to decorate the living room, bake her a cake, roast a whole chicken with roasted potatoes, carrots and parsnips, white rice and white beans and some salad with romaine lettuce, red onions and shredded carrots. I did all within 3 hours! I was amazed. The cake was made first, then while the cake cooled, the chicken went in. While the chicken was baking, I decorated the living room with streamers and balloons. That is when my daughter felt it was her day. She was so happy. She said to me, "Mommy, is this for me? Is this for my birthday?" I told her, "Of course baby, this is all for you". I was then relieved and happy she felt like the princess that she really is.

After we ate dinner, we rested and talked. Around 8pm, we started to call the kids to the living room because it was time to sing the happy birthday song. When she saw her cake, she was so excited. I was glad she loved her cake. I got the idea from Betty Crocker website. Here is a picture:

I know it doesn't look as nice as the one on the site but it's a start :)

Anyway, after everyone left, she ended up eating three cupcakes.. Well, she didn't actually eat all three. She did manage to eat one whole one and the other two she licked off all the icing. It was her birthday and she had alot of fun.. So did I.


Mami Dearest said...

Awww, how sweet. The cake looks really good and the dinner sounds awesome. You should of taken pictures of you cooking it :)

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