Friday, February 29, 2008

President's Speech

Everytime I watch a new show, there has to be an interruption during the show at some time. Why can't it be before my show or even after my show. Everyone that knows me well knows I absolutely love Rachael Ray. I love her 30 minute meals show, her talk show and her travel shows on Food Network. I even went to the city to be in her audience back in September 2007. I had the best time. I went to see her with a cousin of mine and we had a ball.

Anyway, back to the interruption. It happened during the Rachael Ray show yesterday! I could NOT believe it. Five minutes into the show then POOF!! ABC annouced that President Bush will speak and to be honest; I don't even know what he said because I changed the channel.. I know, I know, I should hear what our president has to say.....NOT! Thank God for DVR. I ALWAYS record my fav. shows and the Rachael Ray show is definitely one of my favorites. So I went back to the show and fast forward the entire episode until 5 minutes before it was supposed to end, the show goes back on "in progress." WHAT the HECK??? I missed 50 minutes of my favorite show. I was so upset. Now I really don't give a crap what the president has to say. He can say it at night during the nightly news for all I care.


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