Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's about time I write again!!! :p

Ok, it's been almost 8 months since the first and last post.. Things around here have changed ALOT! First of all, my hubby has been so good.. He is the best husband anyone can ask for, imo. I no longer feel like I felt before. Now that I read that, I feel as though I was being too harsh but what the hell; those were my feelings and no one can stop me from feeling that way... Anyway, I think we've changed as a couple for the better. I think having 3 kids were a bit much for me at first but I've gotten used to it... It's alot easier for me now. It was getting alittle bit overwhelming and hubby didn't understand at all. He thought I was all fine and dandy b/c I didn't say anything but I had a nasty attitude.

I also got sick after Halloween. I was feeling nervous, limbs were shaking, I was losing alot of hair and losing weight for no reason or so I thought. Anyway, since we didn't have insurance, I didn't bother going to the dr's.. I though I was getting nervous like my mom.. On Dec. 23rd, I went out with my cousins, aunt & sister to this lounge. I had a good time even though the place was packed.. Around 1am, I started to feel my heart beating really fast, so fast it started to hurt.. I then told my cousin I needed to go out and that I needed fresh air. It was bad leaving the place b/c it was so full but she took my hand and brought me outside fast.. She's great!

Once outside, I started to feel a bit better but my heart was still beating.. We finally brought everyone together and said I wanted to go back to my sister's house and just lay down.. Long story short.. I ended up in the emergency room.. It turns out I have a hyperactive thyroid. So they gave me medication to slow the heartrate and till this day I'm still on those meds. I'm also taking PTU.. It's a long ass word but it is to lower the levels in the thyroid being that my levels are extremely high.. Those pills are working but it does things to the bone marrow if people take them for a long period of time. So, I'm off for bloodwork tomorrow and hopefully, I won't need those again.. I know, some wishful thinking but a girl can dream, right? :)

Anyway, right now I'm planning on going out with the baby.. She's going stir crazy here b/c I stood home yesterday.. It was 72 degrees out but I was too exhausted to do anything.....that's another thing that happens to me.. I get really tired after doing nothing.

Anyway, I hope to post blogs here more often. It's nice to vent and put out your feelings since this site is free and it's feels more like "free therapy". I keep hearing that "saying" alot.


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