Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Since setting up my own domain name & blogging at my new site, I've been doing something I'm not very proud of. It's called neglect. I've neglected my house that keeps me protected, warm and happy. How can I do this to my house? I love my house clean and organized but that is not what I've been doing lately. I've been occupying my brain with domain names, blogging and web sites. I know hubby isn't happy about my neglect but he keeps quiet about it. Something I wish he wouldn't do because then I would get my butt off this computer chair and do what I gotta do. I mean he is the breadwinner and I am a SAHM (stay at home mom).

So, what I'm going to do today is put the dishes away from in the dishwasher, laundry, vacuum, mop, dust, go to blockbuster and return some movies, go to the library and figure out what's for dinner, being that we are going on day 3 of not having propane for our stove. Let's see what I accomplish today.
Click here and check out my new home.
The new name is Please bookmark the new one because this blog will be deleted soon. I will post here as well as my new home until my new blog is established.


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