Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm on a Starbucks Strike!

I have been on a Starbucks strike for almost 4 months.. I know some of you are like what??? Lisa is on a Starbucks strike?? That can't be! I know, I love coffee, Starbucks and everything about coffee but you'll understand why after you read my post. Although, I did almost lose the strike when I went to North Carolina for Easter weekend.

Here's why: I had planned to meet a friend at a local Starbucks in N.C. that I have known over the internet for over 2 years but I never met her face-to-face. For some reason, that didn't go thru because of our families or what have you..

Anyway, one of the reasons why I'm on a strike with Starbucks is because I love the coffee my Senseo machine makes. It's so good, I don't need to go to Starbucks anymore. The Senseo is my new Starbucks at home. You can get so many different types of coffee, it's great.

The second reason for the strike is because the last 4-5 times I have had anything from Starbucks, the lattes have been mediocre. It's either bitter, warm, too bland, too sweet, not enough coffee in the cup, or way too watery. I remember getting some really great coffee before but all of a sudden, they weren't good anymore..

*Could it be that the new baristas are not trained well enough?
*Could it be that they don't know how to make coffee?
*Could it be that they need a bit more training?

Well, thank goodness they closed back in February for almost 4 hours to re-train those baristas. They sure need the training at the Starbucks by me. They called it, "Perfect the Art of Espresso". I hope they get it right this time. Anyway, when I did get coffee at Starbucks, it was either a Caramel Macchiato or Chai Tea. The Caramel Macchiatos are so good (when the coffee isn't bitter) but why should I spend almost $4 for bitter coffee, milk and caramel?? No thank you. I rather make a great cup of coffee at home for the fraction of the cost at Designer Latte's, I mean

Ya know, I haven't stepped foot in a Starbucks since the new year began. To be honest, why should I? I don't trust Starbucks anymore. I am scared to order a latte, taste the bitterness or ask for a different cup because someone might either spit in it (I know, gross) or put something foreign in the cup. Who knows! Am I wrong to feel this way? Do I need some type of Starbucks therapy?

If you've had a bad experience with a coffee shop, let me know! I would love to hear about it!

*** I think I should go to Starbucks this week and order my "usual" and come back and write a review on it. Tomorrow (April 8th at 12pm sharp) would be a great day to go and try their coffee again.... They have a surprise for the public. They say the surprise is Venti BIG... It's probably just a free small cup of java.

We'll see! Stay tuned!


Chie said...

Well maybe the barista's are not trained well. It's fine that you write about that, because that's your own opinion. It's a free country any way! ;-)

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