Friday, March 07, 2008

Remember Black Friday?

I remember it well too. I used to shop at stores at 5am until I saw this website Now instead of waiting on line trying to grab deals and pay for your item, you can stop here, click on a store's link and buy your item there. No waiting on line, no crowds, no people pushing you; just your pc, your chair and a drink. How simple is that.

This site lets you enter your email address so that they can email you their updates, deals and sales. They also let you know when new Black Friday ads are posted so you don't miss any deals. You can make a list, go to the site and plan your shopping.

The one site I did use on Black Friday thru Blwas Best Buy. I buy alot of things in that store and there was one particular item I wanted to buy for my digital camera. It was a SanDisk 2GB SD Memory Card for $29.99. But on Black Friday, it was only $14.99. That is a 50% savings! I was lucky to get it for that price because when I went to check back to try to buy another one for my sister, they were already sold out for that price. Oh well, at least I bought one for myself.


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