Monday, March 17, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

LOL..... CVS had another visit from me. I couldn't resist. I went in with a plan and one of the items were not in stock. It was the Gillette Venus Breeze razor. So I asked the manager if they had more in the back and he said no and he said they may get some more in tomorrow's delivery. That was ok. I quickly thought of something else. There was a lip color I was thinking of buying because when you buy one for $8.99, you get $8.99 back in ECB's. So that was part of my plan. Here it is:

1- Lady Speedstick - $1.99
1- Bic Soleil Razor - $5.99
1- Bic Soleil refills - $5.99
1- Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor - $8.99
1- Listerine Smart Rinse - $2.99
1- Tall Latte Mug - $1.12
1- Cottonelle Wet Wipes - $2.99
1- Puffs Plus tissue with Vicks - $1.99

Total: $32.05

Coupons used:
$5 off $15 Purchase
$1 for Listerine Smart Rinse
$1 for Lady Speedstick
$2 for Bic Soleil razor
$2 for Bic refill
$15 ECB's (3-Mach 3 razors)
$2.99 ECB's (CVS Vitamin C)
$2.99 ECB's (Colgate Total)

Total coupons used: $11.00
Total ECB's used: $20.98

New Total: 56 CENTS! I couldn't believe it. I never pay less then $2. I was amazed how my plan worked even better this time around. The cashier was like wow, that was a pretty good deal. After my receipt came out, she said wow, you know how to shop.. I just smiled and left the store as fast as I can.. LOL..I know, it sounds weird but I always feel guilty when I leave the store with my deals... I know I am not doing anything wrong, but I just can't help it.. Maybe it's the adrenaline that rushes thru my body from excitement...LOL

Anyway, I got back $18.98 in ECB's... $8.99 for the Lipcolor, $1.00 for the Speedstick, $6.00 for the Bic Soleil razor & refill & $2.99 for the Smart Rinse.


sweetpea said...

Wow, $0.56 for all that?? That's just crazy. Congrats to you,that's the way to shop girl!! Thanks for the tip.

dominijai said...

You're a pro at saving money! You have to teach me!!
I started my blog...check me out at Nothing fancy just yet still working out the kinks.

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