Tuesday, March 18, 2008

American Idol

My favorites so far is:

Syesha Mercado



Who will win? America will decide!

But I have a small problem with this year's show. The idol I don't agree with is Carly Smithson. Don't get me wrong, the girl can sing. The only thing is that she was discovered already. If you didn't know, here is the article. From what everyone knows, American Idol is a competition for people that can sing, stand out from all the rest and never had a record label. She released an album for the company MCA Records called Ultimate High back in 2001. She was then known as Carly Hennessy before she got married. She sold less then 400 copies. I guess it really sucked but wait, there's another twist. Randy Jackson was the Senior vice-president when she started at MCA Records. Randy started in 1998 and was there for 4 years. Can you believe that? Carly was signed into the company in 1999. So why is she STILL in the competition? I feel it is unfair she is still at A.I. because she had her chance at stardom already. She even won a Meteor Award in 2003 for Best Irish Female Singer.

HELLO??? Is American Idol hiding this because Randy was once the Senior Vice-President of the company that signed her up??? I don't understand.

American Idol, let "normal" people with "no record label" allow to be a contestant in the show next time. What is wrong with you people?


Mami Dearest said...

I'm voting for Syesha and Chikezie too!

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