Thursday, February 14, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

I'm happy.. I made hubby a card and he brought home 3 cards after work.. One for me, one for my 2 yr. old daughter, Vanessa and one for my 8 yr. old daughter, Mylissa.. My son Steven was wondering where was his card but hubby said, "It's a girl holiday". He then said, "So why did mommy give you a card?" None of us really gave him an answer.. I know, it was rude.. So I decided to go out and run to CVS and get him a 99 cent card.. I went, got the card and stopped at Blockbuster to get some movies for hubby and me.. When I got home, I gave the card to my son (after I signed it in the car) and he was a happy camper.. He did ask about his turtles.. They were to expensive.. I'll get them tomorrow when it's 50% off.. Y aknow, everytime I hear chocolate turtles, it always reminds me of that show "Everybody hates Chris". It's such a cute and funny show..

I still think Valentine's is OVERRATED!!! Give me a card and I'll make you dinner and we'll call it even!


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