Thursday, December 06, 2007

I love saving MONEY

This past week has been all about coupons and saving money. On Monday, I went to CVS and bought this:

*a pack of Pampers ($8.99)
*2 packs of Garnier Nutrisse hair dye ($8.00)
*Fusion razor ($9.99)
*CVS brand cough drops ($.99)
*2 prescriptions that were $3.00 each ($6.00)
*1 Garnier Nutrisse Nutri-Pure cream scrub ($5.99)

With coupons and sales, I spent $31.00 and got back $12.00 in Extra Care Bucks. So total was $19.00.. Not bad, considering a pack of Pampers were $8.99 on sale and the two hair dyes were 2 for $8.00. Those two items together are $17.00.

Today was another visit to CVS. This is what I bought:

*2 bottles of Febreeze Air Effects air freshener
*4 pack of Charmin toilet paper
*1 pack of Cottonelle wipes
*1 pint of half and half
*1 bottle of Dawn dishwashing soap

For $.31, after using the $12.00 from the ECB's from Monday.

I love saving MONEY!!!!


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