Tuesday, November 27, 2007


When you hear the word trojan, what do you think of? A condom, right? Well, that wasn't the case yesterday. I have my tubed tied anyway...hehehehehe
That is what I had in my computer. I had 7 Trojans and 10 Viruses in my pc. It was trying to infect alot of things. I noticed yesterday morning when I went into my blog to write a new post but couldn't because I had no control over the mouse or the keyboard. Thank goodness my husband was home b/c when I told him, he immediately unplugged the system. When he turned it back on, he put it on safe mode so he can do a virus scan using TuneUp Utilities. It was on for 2 1/2 hours. Afterwards, I restarted the computer thinking it was all better. NOT! Again, the pc was doing things all by itself. So, I unplugged it and ran XSoftspy. That was another hour but this time, it found and removed over 25 viruses and trojans out of my computer. I couldn't believe it. I know exactly who let that happen.

Who, you ask? It was my 8 year old daughter. She loves to be on the computer and click on those pop-ups, even though I have the pop-up stopper. So both of my kids are banned from the pc for a long time. That is why I want my OWN laptop.. I can't stand when other people contaminate my pc, even if it is my own kids.


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