Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sale, Sale, Sale............Don't you just love that word?

I don't post regularly because when I do have blogger opened, my mind goes blank. During the day, I could think of a million things to blog about but once I get to my computer, I can't think of anything. Is that called Mommy Brain? Stress Brain? There has to be a name for that because I've read other blogs and I'm not the only one, thank goodness!

Anyway, I love saving money. I love a sale and coupons.. My hubby and kids call me the coupon queen because I hate paying full price for anything! So when I read my friend's blog, http://mami-dearest.blogspot.com/, I saw that she saved quite a bit from http://www.victoriassecret.com/. Now even though I love that store, I rarely go in there b/c it's expensive. When you're a full time SAHM, everything is expensive so that is why I love sales and coupons.

So here's the thing: You buy any sweater, preferably on sale or clearance; mine was on sale for $19, add item #3F-203514 (scarf set) and choose your color (red, black, green, yellow and I think pink) then enter your information, go to checkout and enter all of the codes below: SHADE4 (free lip gloss) , SHINE (free beauty rush set), GIFTSET (scarf set), and if this is your first purchase add FA78137 ($5 off purchase (If this is not your first online purchase with them just enter a different email address) I did this yesterday and my total was $19.95! No lie! It was great! Thanks Sitel!
So today I get an email from http://www.gap.com/ and they'ew having a birthday sale. 10% off and free shipping! So I bought my 2 yr. old a coat, gloves, hat and a scarf and saved $14.30. I am now on a hunt for sales. Simply enter: B78QR3RQBFHN at checkout.

So if you've got a sale, let me know! Happy Shopping!


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