Friday, November 09, 2007

*It's the weekend.......hopefully with no accidents.*

Why are toddlers so accident-prone? Two days ago, my 2 year old climbed onto the sofa and then onto the bay window and then it all happened so fast. I had no idea how she flipped back on the sofa and flipped again to the floor. But before she hit the floor, she banged her head on the table. I saw the whole thing but managed to just watch in terror because I couldn't move. Why is that? I felt like I was stuck in La-La land and couldn't save her from a terrible fall that left her with a goose egg on her forehead. I immediately turned into this crazed woman screaming and hollering at the other two because they were sitting right next to her and did nothing. They scattered like mice afterwards. I guess they were scared too. After they went into their rooms, I called the doctor. I spoke to a nurse there and she said to put an ice pack on her head for fifteen minutes. That was the longest fifteen minutes ever! Afterwards, I put some Vicks on her head and the swelling went down. I mean she still had a bump but it didn't look like a goose egg.. Thank God.
Today, she still has a band-aid on her booboo. She loves band-aids, especially when they have characters on them. I was like that too :)


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